Submissions now closed

Zombies? Zombies!  is a new anthology all about the undead.  Fiction, non-fiction or poetry are all accepted.  Horror, comedy, drama, romance, fantasy; no genre is out of bounds as long as it contains zombies!

Submissions can be from 100 to 10,000 words and can include 1 fiction or non-fiction story and up to 3 poems.

Also accepting up to 5 B&W photos, illustrations, or pages of a comic.

The deadline for all submissions is March 31 with an expected publication date of October, 2013.

All written submissions must be double-spaced and should include your name, the title of your submission(s), e-mail address, word count, and a short bio. Submissions should be attached in a word document and also pasted inside the body of the e-mail. You will receive a reply if you are accepted after May 1, 2013.

Send submissions to zombieszombies2013 at  If you’re not a writer or zombies aren’t really your thing, share this with anyone you might think is interested!


-Non-exclusive rights, in all languages, throughout the world. Acceptance into the anthology will not restrict the authors’ rights in any way to have their stories reprinted elsewhere.


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