Loth, a poem by Lowell R Torres

This poem was first published in The Tonic 2006, the magazine produced by the Creative Writing Society of Indiana State University.  I served as president/editor during the 2005-2006 school year and the experience of creating that magazine (as well as the two previous versions I assisted with) was hugely influencing and served as the forebear to the Hoosier Writers anthologies.  This poem is based on my experiences at the Lothlorien Nature Sanctuary in southern Indiana.

The flames rear up, green and blue dragons named after coffee creamers
Fighting for dominance in the starry night

At the edge of the dome, embracing the shadows, I beat on my drum
Creating rhythm with the others while the dancers spin and whirl
And circle the fire in sacred dance

Behind me a fae in tank top and jeans spins her fire
Patterns and designs to stave off the dark

Waiting for blue light, the nearing dawn
Take a drink of discordian juice, let the drums pull me back
Into the ritual of being alive

My lovely wife spinning fire poi


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