Greatest Blindsides in Survivor History, Part 1

This week’s episode of Survivor is called “Blindside Time!” and in honor of it – and a question posed somewhere else – I’ve decided to tackle the shows biggest blindsides.  Since there’s no question in my mind that it’s impossible to pick the biggest blindside ever, I decided to go season by season and pick the biggest one from each.  Check out my picks for seasons 1 through 8 on the Survivor page.

Survivor Caramoan Episode 2 Liveblog

Hi, my name is Lowell and I’m a Survivor fan.  I say that as if I’m a recovering addict, and that’s not untrue, except I’m not really recovering.  I am, however, recovering from the bit of shame I’ve always felt at my love for the godfather of reality television.  Maybe it’s because of my total and utter disdain for the spawn Survivor helped beget.  It did, after all, help open the door for the hundreds of terrible reality shows that plague our television.  But I’m recovering enough to write about it, so that’s a big step up!

I don’t feel like I need to qualify how much of a fan of Survivor I am, but I’ll give a bit of history anyway.  I remember seeing the previews for Survivor and thinking it looked interesting, but I didn’t catch it until the third or fourth episode (Stacey was the first person I remember being ousted).  Since then I’ve watched every episode almost religiously.  Not necessarily when they air, especially during Palau as I spent that semester of college in England, but I’ve seen every episode and enjoyed every season.  Even the stinkers like Nicaragua, Fuji, and One World.

I’ve talked at length and in-depth about Survivor with my wife and online, but I’ve never tried to write about Survivor, so this is new.  Here we go.

Brandon is off the deep end, as promised in previews.  Hopefully his tantrum is relegated to the opening scene and we don’t have to deal with much of it on.  He’s being unfair to Dawn, who is trying really hard to play the game but she can’t push down the nice motherly personality.  Berating her may be damaging to the game she wants to play long-term.

Shamar is lazy, but there’s a method to his laziness.

Sherri is a player.  Big time.

Cochran called Brandon a sociopath, which might not be too far off.  I’d say bipolar is closer to it.

Haha, Phillip calling someone else narcissistic moments after he called himself the CEO.  And Brandon immediately goes after him to the tribe.

We have yet to see Andrea, who apparently felt some heavy heat over Twitter from former players like Russell Hantz, Eliza Orlins, and Shannon the apparent bigot from Nicaragua.

Challenge time.  Water challenge time!  This is something the series has been missing for several years now, the great water challenges.

Sheri, you’re making a classic Survivor blunder.  Don’t take it all on you if you can’t do it all yourself!

Oh Cochran, even when you’re doing nothing but pulling on a rope you are hilarious.

Wonder if Reynold is as good as rings as bags?  Not so much.

Wow, I missed that it’s for Immunity and Reward.  There must be lots of drama about this exit on the Fans.  I recall in last weeks EW Q&A with Probst he teased something like, “Episode 2 and already someone wants to quit?  What the—&@%!!

I hope that was just a tease referring to Brandon’s talk of quitting earlier.  The only one I can see quitting is Shamar after a Tribal blowout.  The question is, would that be a mistake?  He’s obviously a physical asset in challenges for the near term.

Oh Phillip, you keep fooling yourself.

Shamar seems the clear choice, but there’s still more than 20 minutes left in the episode.  Must be some powerful Tribal Council fireworks coming up or Cheri (how do you spell that woman’s name?) is about to show how much mojo she has.  I dunno, though.  I understand that having a guy like Shamar next to you means you’re never going to the target of someone’s ire, but is it worth it to keep him around if he’s just negativity and drama waiting to happen around camp?  It worked for Boston Rob with Phillip but Rob had that season wrapped around his finger early on, didn’t matter who was next to him at the end.

And it comes down to Michael and Matt.  They are the tie-breakers between two four-person alliances.  Those two are in an excellent place on the Fans tribe.

Sure enough, Cheri just worked Michael and especially Matt away from Shamar and toward Allie, who has been talking an awful lot this episode.  That’s an in-joke between my wife and I while watching.  Oh, so-and-so is talking a lot….

While I was talking a lot, Reynolds just showed that he too is a player and found the immunity idol.  Good on him.  This Laura is very adept as well.  She pointed out how Michael looked like an astute player on the boat ride in and spotted Reynold’s “bulge.”

There has been a lot of drama on the Fans tribe so far but the drama is hiding some people who know how to play the game.  I don’t think it will matter much, as the Favorites are poised to dominate this game.

Oh snap, in the midst of pointless Shamar talk Laura just called out Reynold.  Survivor 101 indeed.  I feel bad for the dude because his game just got wrecked, but if you’re wearing tight pants you gotta put the idol somewhere else.

Regardless, that changed a Tribal that was duller than I thought into a fairly exciting one.  I think Allie is on her way out.  And smart, smart move by Reynold bluffing with his idol.  Good job not panicking.

First vote: Shamar, Shamar, Shamar, Shamar, Allie, Allie, Allie, Allie, Allie, Allie.  Goodbye Allie, we hardly knew ye.

The look on Eddie’s face says it all, or it did until we got the look on Reynold’s face.  Eddie is dumbfounded while Reynold is pissed.  The drama is just getting started on the Fans tribe, or is it?  I predict a tribal swap in the next two or three episodes.

Next time on Survivor, Shamar is annoying and Brandon is still crazy.  Ugh.

Well that was enjoyable, right?  I don’t know if I’ll continue this every week, but it’s something I’m definitely considering.  Thanks for reading and maybe see you next week?