Cold Turkey Week 1 Recap

Day 1

When I woke up and realized I didn’t just want to quit, but was going to quit.  And I truly meant it:

Wake up, make the decision I want to quit and realize I truly mean it.

Later that night when I hit the 24 hour mark and didn’t want a cigarette:

cat omg

 Day 2

Went through the work day without having much of any craving:


Went home and helped the wife finish packing up for our overnight trip to Indianapolis.  We get in the car, start driving and immediately the kids start arguing:


Later that night after dinner, swimming, and socializing with friends… and the kids still won’t settle down:

Day 3

More swimming in the morning and still no cravings but the irritability is just about maxed out to the point where before noon I feel like:

We go the Children’s Museum and ten minutes into a thirty minute wait in line to get in; both children are already worn out, over-tired, and whining:

But I get through the day without a cigarette (and incidentally don’t slap anyone into tiny little pieces)

Days 4 & 5

I have a few cravings, but the irritability, headache, and nervousness is gone and I think I got this thing beat.

Day 6

I go to work and start feeling the worst cravings yet


I get home from work and in addition to wanting a cigarette very badly, I feel sickish from the bursts of adrenaline my body keeps producing because I keep feeling incredibly nervous over nothing:


I desperately want a cigarette, but my wife has them and she won’t be home until 9:30

I somehow manage to avoid smoking when she gets home, but after couple snifters of The Glenlivet (excellent scotch whiskey) when my wife goes out to smoke:

Day 7

Even though I caved and shared a single cigarette with her the night before, I have absolutely no cravings today:


And that’s my first week quitting.  Hope you enjoyed!


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